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Welcome to City Pets
The House Call Vets

City Pets is a veterinary house call service for dogs and cats living, working or visiting in Manhattan. City Pets was started in 1992 from the vision of Dr. Amy Attas who wanted to provide quality veterinary care to dogs and cats in the comfort of their own homes or their owner’s offices. Dr. Amy Attas along with Dr. Danielle Dalton and their staff of caring veterinary nurses and office administrators are able to provide personalized service and convenience while providing excellent veterinary care. Our team works closely with veterinary specialists in Manhattan to provide expert medical and surgical care no matter what your pet’s problem may be. Since 1992, City Pets cares for the pets of over 5,000 families, which means over 10,000 dogs and cats.

Our site is set up to give you fast answers to questions you might have about contacting us, making an appointment or what to do in an emergency. Please take a few minutes to read more about us, or better yet, give us a call 212 581-7387 and allow us to introduce ourselves and answer your questions in person.

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City Pets of  New York is unique.

We offer exceptional care for all of your pets' needs in the comfort of their own home.  For over twenty years, compassion, the highest quality veterinary medicine and client communication have been our hallmarks.


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See what our clients say about us

      "I remember a time 50 years ago…I was 8 years old lying sick in bed with a fever with my parents at my side. The doorbell rang, my mom left my side and I could hear her gratefully welcoming in my doctor. Despite the fact that just like other kids I too hated and feared doctors but along with that fear was the sense of security that came from being in my own bedroom without other sick strangers around me knowing that I was in good hands.

     As I raised two children that memory was simply that, a memory, one I could not duplicate for my kids. But with Dr. Amy Attas from City Pets I have been able to give this gift to my dogs.

     Lucy, my 10 year old yellow Labrador, nearly lost her life as a result of mishaps from three different veterinarians. As she was approaching recovery at the Animal Medical Center I was worried about where I was going to find a vet for Lucy’s follow-up care and the future care for her and her sister Velvet, my black lab.

     Just as panic was about to set in I overheard a fellow patient at the AMC talking about her vet and how she saved her dog’s life and kept her going after a diagnosis of a serious liver ailment. I knew my problems were solved. I interrupted this person’s discussion and walked out with a very important telephone number.

     Just days later Dr. Attas and her assistant arrived at my door. That warm, secure, and loving feeling washed over me as if it were 50 years ago. With what seemed like the whisk of a magic wand Dr. Attas was able to get Lucy’s diabetes in complete control, give the advise that had her quickly put back the weight she had lost over the previous 4 months, and get her liver enzymes back to the normal range. I could see in Lucy’s eyes, as she laid on her bed in her home how secure and peaceful she felt that she was now well taken care of after her long ordeal of mishaps. 

     Just a couple of more accolades for Dr. Attas and the staff at City Pets…I am able to communicate with the doctor via email with questions to which I get an immediate response. Questions that used to send me to the vet’s office with long waits and big bills are simply answered without me ever leaving my desk with no concurrent charge. And, when Lucy had a recent set back due to a virus Dr. Attas showed up at my door early in the morning to give her fluids and to be sure all was well. That’s not only good medical care, that’s love. "

Robin S.  (mother of Lucy and Velvet)

City Pets' Business Hours

City Pets makes house calls by appointment Monday through Friday.  Your appointment will indicate a two hour window when one of our veterinarians and nurses will arrive.  Please plan on a house call taking a half hour.  Appointment slots are 9-11, 11-1, 1-3, 3-5.  Our office is open Monday through Friday from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm to answer any questions and schedule appointments.

Phone Us Today!

212 581-7387