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City Pets Offers In-Home Pet Euthanasia in Manhattan

Making the decision to have your beloved pet put to sleep is a very difficult one. Pet owners want to avoid unnecessary suffering and want a competent veterinary professional care to ensure a gentle ending. Taking aged or ill pets to the vet can be a traumatic experience for them. Particularly in a large urban environment like Manhattan in New York City, the travel to the vet can be difficult and stressful for both the pet and the owner. City Pets offers in-home euthanasia services to make your pet’s final moments as peaceful as possible.

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When Your Pet Reaches End of Life

Your Manhattan vet can advise on whether euthanasia is the right choice at this time. The vet will examine your pet and check its vital signs and general condition. You will be allowed to have other family members attend the event, but generally, children should not be present. The family is provided time to say their goodbyes.

The vet will then administer an injection. Your pet will enter a deep sleep state and will stop breathing after a few seconds and the vet will check your pet again. You will be given as much time as needed with your pet after the procedure to say your final good-bye. The vet can help you arrange for your pet’s remains, in a manner you desire.

Benefits of In-Home Euthanasia Care

More people are choosing in-home euthanasia care for their pets at end of life. There are many benefits to this type of service. Instead of a cold and sterile vet office environment, your pet can be made comfortable in its own home. In-home, euthanasia eliminates the stressful travel to the veterinary facility that many pets dislike.

Additionally,in-home euthanasia allows you to say goodbye to your pet in privacy. This allows families to be together in the final moments with their beloved pet. And finally, it does not require “putting on a public face” at this emotional moment. You can feel free to express the grief you feel so deeply about the loss of your pet. For these reasons, in-home care can be the best option for pet owners in this difficult time.

Let City Pets Be Your NYC Mobile Vet for In-Home Pet Care

Dr. Attas, Dr. Dalton and our trained staff at City Pets are committed to providing high-quality in-home pet care for patients in New York City. We provide all facets of veterinary care on an in-home basis, to ensure you can ensure optimum health for your pet throughout its life. At end-of-life, we can ensure the gentle, compassionate care you need for this critical time.

Contact City Pets today at (212) 581-7387 for an appointment to discuss NYC in-home pet euthanasia.


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Call us today at 212.581.7387 to make your pet’s next appointment.

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Doctor Amy has cared, with affection, intelligence and skill, for my beloved feline companions for over 35 years! She visited our Leo for his annual check-up last week (yes, he is in wonderful shape); I always enjoy these visits; and she cares for my grown-up daughter's Romi as well. Doctor Amy and her staff are always responsive, dedicated to the health and happiness of our pets; I am very appreciative of all that CityPets does for our family, feline and human.

Lisa E.
New York, NY

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