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In Home Sick Pet Treatment

Please call our office (212.581.7387) whenever your pet is acting sick. As soon as you mention that your pet is sick one of our technicians or trained administrative personnel will ask you specific questions about your pet’s condition. The answers to these questions help them determine the severity of your pet’s condition and alert one of the veterinarians right away.

Sometimes after this discussion a veterinarian will decide that your pet’s condition would be better treated at a veterinary hospital rather than on a house call and in this case we would let you know this, and if necessary make a recommendation to a hospital in your neighborhood or to one of the many 24 hour emergency hospitals in Manhattan.

It is our goal to help you get your pet the best and most appropriate medical care without any delay. If your pet is seen at a veterinary hospital or emergency center we will follow up with them during the hospitalization and following discharge.

Many things that seem to you like an emergency are actually not and they can be treated at home. That is why we ask you so many questions. Some examples of typical problems we can see in a client’s home are: anorexia (not eating), vomiting and diarrhea, pets who have lost or gained weight, changes in water drinking habits, pets who are lethargic, limping, have eye, ear or skin problems and gum and tooth problems.


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